Friday, November 30, 2007

Ron Paul on The View!

I'm very excited about this! ABC's "The View" has been very supportive of Ron Paul on past episodes and many people, including myself, have emailed them to request his presence on the show. They listened!

Ron Paul will be on ABC's "The View" on Tuesday December 4th, 2007.

In Reno this will air on KOLO channel 8 at 3pm.

In Las Vegas, it will air on KTNV channel 13 at 10am.

Be sure to tune in and show support for Ron Paul! (If you're not from Nevada, go here to find your local air times.)

Oh and here's a very interesting clip of Rosie, Joy and the other hosts discussing Ron Paul:

Rudy's Reading List

November 30th (today!) is the grassroots fundraising effort for Dr. Ron Paul:

The goal is to get the point across that Guiliani has a lot to learn about foreign policy. ;-) The media has been informed and will be watching. Let's not let them down!

They are asking for $100.00 donations, but give all you can ($5.00, 20.00, 200.00). On November 5th a similar fundraising effort was made, raising Ron Paul $4.3 million dollars and earning us twice that in free publicity!

The next big donation day (a.k.a. "Money Bomb") is December 16th to commemorate the Boston Tea Party. Check it out here:

Pass this on to other pro-liberty friends and family!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

GQ's "Dark Horse of the Year"

In the most recent issue of GQ (Gentlemen's Quarterly Magazine) which hit newsstands today (11/27/07), Ron Paul has been honored as one of it's men of the year. Distinguished as “Dark Horse of the Year” among a small and select group of 38 entertainers, athletes, politicians, and other icons, Congressman Paul is the sole 2008 presidential candidate to have been selected.

“Dr. Paul is humbled and honored to be chosen as a ‘man of the year,’” said Paul campaign spokesman Jesse Benton. “According to GQ, Dr. Paul is the dark horse to win the presidency, and with support steadily rising each day, we are moving closer to winning the Republican Party nomination.”

Dr. Paul Has Cured My Apathy!

My knowledge or experience in politics is, to be kind, minimal. I'm not stupid, I've just surrendered to a willing ignorance under the guise of "There's no point". I've identified myself as a Republican Libertarian (or a Libertarian Republican, depending on which one resonates best with you) and sufficed myself with voting on the issues. I didn't want to vote for the people, because I personally don't like choosing "the better of two evils".

I heard of Ron Paul in June of 2007 on a Libertarian forum. Hmm, Libertarians like a man that's not Libertarian? That piqued my curiousity enough to delve in further and I was surprised to find what I did.

A politician, in congress for 20 years with the consistency to never cast an unconstitutional vote and the integrity and ethics to turn down his pension plan, never vote for a congressional pay raise and give part of his salary back to the U.S. Treasury every year. What?! How did I not know such a man existed?

From that moment on, I was sold on Ron Paul. Yes, it helped that I agreed with him on the hot button issues, but the fact that I could trust him with those issues was key in convincing me. I hear people say "The message, not the man". But I have to say it's just as much the trustworthiness of the man carrying the message, as it is the message itself.

Now I'm not anyone special. I'm a woman who suffered through public education for 10 years before unschooling through high school. I'm a mom who unschools her 8 year old son and wants him to grow up in a free country. I'm a self-employed individual and wife to a hard working man who wants to be able to keep what we earn. I'm ignorant in the ways of politics and our governmental systems. But I'm a life-long learner who is dedicated to making an impact.

If you had told me a year ago that I would be involved with a political campaign in any way, I would not have believed it. But since latching on to his name, I've joined the Las Vegas MeetUp group, participated in rallies, donated money, talked the ears off of friends and family (and store clerks and strangers on the street and mild acquaintances) and now I'm taking it a step further.

I've become the official Nevada State Coordinator of Homeschoolers for Ron Paul. Wow. That's so cool, I'm stunned into solemnity. I'm even going to have my name on the campaigns website. Now that is freakin' sweet. I'm told my job will be to gather contact information for homeschool organizations (and the like) and win them over for Ron Paul. I can do that. Not because I'm a public speaker or well-versed in this arena. But because I love the message and the man who carries it.

I'm doing my part. And this blog will be my voice and my way of updating other Nevadan Homeschoolers and Unschoolers as to information regarding the campaign, the grassroots efforts and ways to help.

If you have questions, advice or wish to help, please let me know!

Tara Wagner
Nevada State Coordinator
Homeschoolers for Ron Paul