Saturday, March 8, 2008

Update on County Convention

Today was a long, arduous day at the Clark County Republican Convention. I was proud to see homeschoolers in full force there as well as many homeschooling supporters.

One particular concern has come of this. The Republican party is currently attempting to adopt into their state platform a change to homeschooling laws. Yes you heard me right. They understand fully our current law stating a one-time notification of intent to homeschool and wish to change this to an annual notice.

Don't worry! I've been talking to Kime who was one of the instrumental (although less public, more behind-the-scenes) people who helped passed our current laws. She is also a member of the CCRCC, as well as the Active Republican Women's group and has assured me she is working on this. Because she is already involved in the very organization that wishes to make these changes, she has much clout over the situation. She is planning to meet with the Platform Committee before the next CCRCC meeting and explain to them the expense which the public school system would incur in establishing a yearly notification.

We are working on this and will let you all know if there is anything you may need to do to help (which my include joining the Clark County Republican Central Committee o assist us in voting this down at the next meeting). Stay tuned for more details on that.

Other than that hiccup and a very confusing process, the county convention went well. We had many, many Ron Paul supporters in attendance and all who applied to go to the State Convention will be going (including me!).

We were also able to make some great changes to the platform and resolutions, and although we still have some to make, we are heading in a great direction!

P.S. If any of our homeschooling supporters in Washoe County can host a few homeschooling families for the State Convention in late April, please email me at taraewagner att yahoo dott com.

California State Law

For those concerned about the recent ruling in California regarding homeschooling, I wanted to do a quick update to let everyone know

a) Do not put on your picketing boots just yet. They have several competent organizations on the case and when they need our activism, they will let us know. Until then our petitions, letters, calls or complints could hinder rather than help the cause.

b) At least we have The Governators support:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Huckabee Drops Out of Race

But don't expect the MSM (mainstream media) to admit that there is still another candidate up against McCain.

So with Romney and Huckabee out, do you really think all their delegates will support McCain? Nope. I already know many who are backing Ron Paul.

Our Clark County convention is this Saturday. We will be narrowing down our hundreds (thousands?) of Clark County delegates and alternates down to a smaller number who will proceed to the State Convention next month. The State Convention will further narrow things down to 37 who will go on to the National Convention in September.

It's not over folks. Far from it. It *is* still possible to win this thing but it will take all our prayers, energy and efforts. Keep donating what you can, keep doing what you can. We can take this thing. We may be a long shot but long shots do win!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


All has been pretty quiet on the Ron Paul homefront in Nevada.

Our County Convention is next Saturday. If you are a delegate, make sure you pay prior to the convention. If you are an alternate, be sure to show up! They have made all alternates into delegates! For more info, go here.

Other than that, I'm still keeping an eye on things while focusing on some personal stuff. The Democratic race is mildly amusing and I'll be interested in its outcome.

Did you hear Nader entered the race as in Independent? This one is a bit worrisome if John McCain gets the nomination and Ron Paul doesn't go independent. On one hand he will pull votes from the Democratic race which could swing it for the Republicans. On the other hand, having John "One-Hundred Year War" in office is a frightening thought.

I'm not giving up on the fact that Ron Paul does still have a chance, albeit a small one since most of his supporters no longer believe it. But the delegates are still there, we could still swing the convention not to mention we have more and more Romney delegates joining our ranks.

Also with John McCain's fundraising debacle being called into question, as well as his "alleged" consorting with an "alleged" woman who "allegedly" was a lobbyist who "allegedly" got McCain to do favors for her "alleged" friends, who knows if he'll be a viable option come September. It is still 6 months away folks and anything can happen!

If for some reason it doesn't, (my 8 year old son is convinced of voting fraud - I swear he didn't hear it from me!) I just don't know who I'll vote for.

Big government Republican or big government Democrat - they are both heading toward the same destination, just taking a different route to get there. I'm so tired of choosing the lesser of many evils.

Oh and for anyone concerned about the economy, send them to these two links:

Finally some good interviews!