Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Huckabee Drops Out of Race


But don't expect the MSM (mainstream media) to admit that there is still another candidate up against McCain.

So with Romney and Huckabee out, do you really think all their delegates will support McCain? Nope. I already know many who are backing Ron Paul.

Our Clark County convention is this Saturday. We will be narrowing down our hundreds (thousands?) of Clark County delegates and alternates down to a smaller number who will proceed to the State Convention next month. The State Convention will further narrow things down to 37 who will go on to the National Convention in September.

It's not over folks. Far from it. It *is* still possible to win this thing but it will take all our prayers, energy and efforts. Keep donating what you can, keep doing what you can. We can take this thing. We may be a long shot but long shots do win!

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