Saturday, February 9, 2008

Do you want a Republican in office?

Of everyone I've spoken to, I can say that the majority of us want a Republican in office. In fact, most people's primary goal is to get a Republican in office, even if the chosen nominee wasn't their first choice. Now with three Republicans left, I think it's time we start putting serious thought into our strategy.

According to The Pew Research Center(1), The Republican party has decreased in size, shrinking from 43% in 2002 to a low 35% in 2007. The Democratic party which was similar in size to "The Grand Ol' Party" in 2002 has increased to 50% of the population. Long story short: We're outnumbered, folks!

And now for the strategy: Out of the remaining Republican candidates - Huckabee, McCain and Paul - who is going to best represent the majority of the nation to win enough votes in November to secure the White House?

To understand this, we have to look to the key issues. Besides what the Onion News Network(2) comically refers to as the most important issue, I think it's obvious to say that for most Americans, their primary concerns are the Iraq war and the economy.

According to numerous polls(3), 57% of the nation say that going into Iraq was a mistake, while 64% currently oppose the war in Iraq, and 63% say that we should withdraw within a year or less. Will such a large disapproving majority of the nation vote for a candidate that supports the war in Iraq?

And considering the enormous cost of the war, I can unequivocally say a candidate's stance on the war is directly tied to a candidates stance on the economy. How can a person be strong on economic issues yet support the war when our nation is 9 trillion dollars in debt(11), our dollar's value is free-falling(12) and we are virtually bankrupt? Will the majority of the nation support a candidate who doesn't see we are falling into the trap of Bin Laden(4)?

So if getting a Republican in office is truly our first goal, shouldn't we look at who is most likely to receive the votes of the majority of American people, not just the Republicans (because remember, we're outnumbered)?

Huckabee and McCain both state their support for the war; McCain even going so far as to state he would stay there for "one hundred years or one million years" if he thought it necessary. Now whether or not we agree with this, it's obvious that the majority of the nation does not. So when these two candidates are put up against a Democrat that promises to bring the troops home, which of these do you think the majority of the nation is going to vote for?

Which leaves Paul. He voted against the war in Iraq, something that even anti-war/anti-Republican Clinton can't claim(5) and something that the inexperienced Obama admits to not being sure(6) of how he would have voted as he shared the same political views as Bush at the time.

Paul wants to bring the troops home in the fastest and safest way possible, something that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have stated they can't promise to do for several years(7) and possibly not within their first term(8), a full five years from now. Again, we may not agree with this stance, but the overwhelming majority of the nation does.

So when placed against either inconsistent Democrats, Paul starts to look really good to voters in all parties. He represents true economic conservatism, the core beliefs of the Republican party and a foreign policy that resonates with the majority of the nation. There are no issues that he has flip-flopped on that can be drudged up, like with the other candidates. There is no dirty laundry that can be paraded through public. Just a solid, consistent and constitutional voting record and a message that can reach across party lines and secure us a shot at putting a Republican in office in 2009.

So ask yourself what is most important; nominating your favorite candidate at the risk of losing in November, or nominating a Republican that stands a good chance of siphoning votes from all parties?

You owe it to your party to think these things over. And you owe it to yourself to open-mindedly educate yourself on Ron Paul. Here's a great and easy way to start: Ron Paul Intro(9) and for those with some uncertainties, check out The Spins(10) page on that site.

For the future of the Republican party and ultimately our nation, I ask you to consider Ron Paul.

Please continue to send this forward to other Republicans. Information is golden and we deserve all of it before we make an educated opinion.



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