Saturday, February 9, 2008

HSLDA Pushes Constitutional Amendment

Mike Farris, of the HSLDA, is now pushing for a Constitutional Amendment to protect parental rights. This is a wolf in sheep's clothing and I'd like to briefly explain to you why we should NOT support this act.

1. Our constitution already protects our parental rights. Why the need to spell it out? Yes, our rights have come under attack but the real problem is not the Constitution but the myriad of politicians ignoring the Constitution. What our first goal should be is to protect our rights by protecting our Constitution.

2. When you demand an amendment, any amendment, you are inviting government into your homes, giving them too much information and too much say. Then you have to fight to force them out again. Our constitution states that while not all rights are not listed in the Constitution that does not negate them. But by allowing government to come in and rule on such a matter, gives them the right to turn the amendment down, which forces us all to acknowledge that the federal government has jurisdiction over our children.

3. Approximately 30 states have already called for a Constitution Convention (Con Con). Once such a convention is called, the Constitution is wide open for debate and changes, in every area. This is a very real and very scary possibility that can lead to some serious problems. It is important that we understand the possible implications of any amendment.

Please remind other homeschoolers and parents that our parental rights are already protected and that we do not need to invite the government into our personal lives to tell us so!

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