Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Five for Freedom

As most of you know, New Hampshire is one of the first state to hold its primary, January 8th.

Their goal is to canvass the state, spreading Dr. Paul's message and gaining support.

Here's an exerpt from http://www.fiveforfreedom.com/

Today we face a matter of utmost urgency in our campaign to get Dr Paul
elected as President of the United States.

We are just weeks away from the New Hampshire primary, which is the first and most important primary in the election. The New Hampshire primary is extremely important in the Presidential election because it sends a message to the other states about who the leading candidate is. We cannot afford anything but a super strong result in that first primary, or all may be lost. So I ask for your help.

We need volunteers to come to New Hampshire in the days and weeks before the primary to assist in canvassing the entire state.. Together we raised 4.2 million dollars in 24 hours on November 5th, in a money bomb that shocked the media and the country. Now we need to shock the country with a volunteer bomb.

If you are able to come to New Hampshire, I urge you to sign up to volunteer: http://www.operationlivefreeordie.com/volunteer.html

If you are unable to come, I ask that you pledge $5 for freedom on December 5th, to help the grassroots movement in New Hampshire house volunteerswho will be flocking to the state from all over our Republic. The number of volunteers we can bring to New Hampshire will be directly related to how much we can raise to house those volunteers. http://www.operationlivefreeordie.com/donate.html

With your help, we can bring enough volunteers so that we can reach out to every single citizen in New Hampshire and share with them why Dr Paul's message is most compatible with the principles of their state - the Live Free or Die state.


Vijay Boyapati, Director of Operation Live Free or Die.

Commit to donating $5.00 on December 5th! Remember, you are not donating this
$5.00 to the campign but at http://www.operationlivefreeordie.com/donate.html

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