Monday, December 3, 2007

The Single Most Important Move

All the grassroots campaigning is crucial; waving or posting signs, talking to friends, family, neighbors, and donating money are all important to the Ron Paul campiagn.

But there is one thing, that can easily be identified as the single most important thing to do for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul needs delegates in Nevada.

Don't know what a delegate is? A delegate is the only person that can vote for Ron Paul. And in your voting precinct there will only be a select number of delegates.

Can you become a delegate for Ron Paul or support a delegate in your precinct? It only requires a small amount of time and the possibility of a small fee but will be the only thing that matters in getting Ron Paul the Republican nomination.

If you'd like information on becoming a delegate for Ron Paul or would like help in doing so, contact me via email.

Again, it does not matter what we do for Ron Paul if we do not get him delegates.

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