Saturday, December 15, 2007

An Open Letter to Homeschoolers

Wonderful letter for all to read:

Like me, you probably view any government involvement in your children's
education with a jaundiced eye. We've seen the literacy and graduation rates
plummet year after year in our nation's public schools while special interest
groups constantly pass blame for this onto parents, taxpayers and a lack of
enough centralized control.

HSDLA has for over two decades been a great help to homeschoolers and
has advocated against those who have stood in opposition to our goals. Their
staff members advised my family when local Child Protective Services personnel
wanted to investigate a mother who we'd taken in. Their advice was invaluable
and saved us from a potentially perilous situation. But the advice they are
providing with regard to the Presidential election is a poor example of
scholarly research and appears to run counter to the ideals they've promoted for
so many years.

[End Excerpt]

Please read this letter and pass it on to others, including the HSLDA.

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