Tuesday, May 27, 2008

James Smack on Homeschooling

James Smack, candidate for Congressional District 2, is my first responder to the homeschooling questions I sent out. Here is his response:


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to answer some questions in regard to how I feel about Homeschooling and my positions on Education. I salute all parents like yourself that take educating their children seriously enough to accept the challenge of homeschooling. I will take them in the order received:

1. To what extent do you support parental choice in regards to education?

I believe that the parent has every right to determine how their child is to be
educated, whether that be in the public school system, in private or parochial
school, or whether by schooling their child at home with the parent as the

2. Do you support the annual registration of homeschoolers in Nevada?

I do not believe that this is necessary. The superintendent of the school
district or other authorized person may need to be informed of a homeschooled
child to allow for participation in extracurricular activities within the public
school district as provided by Nevada Law. I firmly believe that there does not
need to be any regulated registration of the parents who decide that
homeschooling is their best option, nor any necessity for said parents to meet
state mandated teaching guidelines.

3. Do you believe homeschoolers should be subject to standardized testing?

No, subjecting homeschooled students to standardized testing is entirely
unnecessary. It is an infringement on the spirit of what homeschooling is trying
to accomplish, which is parental control over their child's education. Home
schooled students should be allowed access to all college entrance exams through
the local school district as allowed by Nevada State Law, such as the SAT and

4. Do you support a tax credit/rebate to homeschooling families?

I most certainly support a tax credit for homeschooling families.

5. Anything else to add or could you provide a short overview of your stance on education:

As Congressman, I would be in favor of the elimination of the Federal Department
of Education and elimination of No Child Left Behind, to be replaced by local
and state level control of Education. I believe that returning authority to the
schools at a local level will improve schooling for all students being educated
in the public system. Let the parents in the community have the input on how
their children should be educated. Federal and State Government should mandate
as little regulation as possible on parents who wish to homeschool their

It is my feeling that homeschooled children are more likely to
succeed, get much more individualized teaching, and are more prepared to meet
the challenges of college and adult life. I look forward to continuing this
conversation, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any other questions
you may have!!

Most Sincerely,

James Smack
Republican Candidate for Congress
Nevada Congressional District 2


PammyV said...

I think I love this guy!

Rachel said...

Thanks for gathering this info. I find their answers very interesting-such support for homeschooling, and generally a negative view on standardized testing for all, and even elimination of the Federal Dept of Education! I wonder what they will do to promote their views...

Tara said...

Eliminating the FDE is a standard argument made by many Republicans. Or it used to be when Republicans still stood for smaller government and more individual liberties. :/

As to promoting their ideas, that's a good question and one I think only time will tell. I've personally met all these guys and I know they are dead serious about being fed up with the direction politics are taking, which is why they are running. It would actually be hard to imagine them losing their passion. But whether it has any effect in our current congress is hard to say.