Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pro-Liberty Nevada Candidates

I've recently received a list of pro-liberty candidates and wanted to share them with you. Please pass thislist along to others. I've emailed those who's emails I could locate (minus those who's websites are not up) with questions about their stance on education in regards to homeschooling and will post those answers as I receive them.

To check your district numbers, refer to your voter registration card or click here for voter registration lookup.

Congressional District 1:
Chris Dyer - http://www.chrisdyer.com/

Congressional District 2:
James Smack - http://www.jamessmack.com/

Congressional District 3:
Carl Bunce - http://www.carlbunce.com/

Assembly District 6:
Lisa Marie Johnson - vegasamerican.com

Assembly District 13:
Michael Kurback (website not up yet)

Assembly District 14:
Andrew Brownson (website not up yet)

Assembly District 17:
David Isbell - http://isbellfornevada.com/

Please do what you can to support those running for State Assembly and Congressional seats. These candidates need contributions and volunteers.

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