Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And then there were four!

Giuliani has backed out of the race and has endorsed shocker there.

Huckabee is expected to drop out soon, but many commentators are saying he will not do it until after Super Tuesday to avoid his rival, Romney, getting his votes.

But the kicker is how all the news broadcasts keep repeating that it will soon be a two-man race.

Even now, after seven candidates have dropped out, after Ron Paul has broken record after record for fundraising and won nearly all straw polls, he still is getting ignored and labeled as the long shot?

Wasn't Giuliani given the title of front-runner not long ago? Maybe people should stop listening to the mainstream media for their political information. They obviously don't have their facts straight.

Ron Paul is one step closer to the national convention but remember, he can't do it without our continued support. And as much a we loathe the idea that campaigns revolve around money...well, until we can effectively change the game, we need to play by their rules.

The best thing we can do for Ron Paul now is to donate and donate regularly. It doesn't matter if all you can commit to is $20 a paycheck. That $20 (or whatever amount it is that you're comfortable with) is the best thing we can do to help propel him nationally.

Need something else to do? Encourage supporters in other states to canvass - it's a tried and true method that has shown to work. Also, if you hear a newscast or radio show that censors Ron Pul, call in or email and remind them he's not out of the race yet!

Our job in Nevada may be done for now but their is still a long way to go until we can breath easy.

Go Ron Paul!

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