Saturday, January 5, 2008

Put On Your Walking Shoes!

Ron Paul volunteers around Clark County are organizing a canvassing blitz and need your help! Canvassing is the tried and true way to reach voters and impact Clark County for Ron Paul. Canvassing entails knocking on the doors of your Republican neighbors and asking them for your (or someone else's) help in becoming a delegate.

I recently canvassed my precinct and was pleasantly surprised at the response. Even those who are not Ron Paul supporters are still friendly. And aside from those who have committed to supporting Ron Paul, I met some great neighbors!

If you have yet to walk your precinct, there are volunteers who can help tackle the job. Can you help others in return? In groups a precinct can easily be canvassed in just a few hours, several precincts in a weekend.

I will be heading out to help others canvas next weekend, January 12 and 13. I, and others, are willing to help you canvas your precinct, or if you're finished, welcome you to help others canvas theirs. Don't be afraid to ask!

If you would like to participate in the canvassing blitz, please contact me (via my email on my blog profile) or email local campaign staff and canvassing guru, Ted Keithly at for more details.

Added bonus! Get some cardio and fresh air!

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