Sunday, January 13, 2008

Caucus and Primary Results

Iowa: Ron Paul came in with 10% of the votes and 2 committed delegates. He ranked 5th place above Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Wyoming: 2nd place! However he got zero delegates (that we know of). This is a great example of why you should become a delegate in NV! (Info on becoming a delegate in Clark County on this blog.)

New Hampshire: Ranked 5th place with 8% of the votes and an uncertain number of delegates. However, the Boston Globe is reporting a recount is to be done when several hundred people called the GOP and stated they voted for Ron Paul but their counties came back showing no votes for him. I'll update this recount info when I have substantiated details. (They are also recounting the Democratic side stating there are major discrepancies on both sides when it comes to machine counts vs hand counts, as well as missing votes completely.)


Our caucus is this Saturday, the 19th! You can go to to find your precinct location. Please be sure to show up for this as some info I received prior stated that only delegates could vote for Ron Paul, when in fact the preference poll is open to all attendees. We need you there! Better yet, we need you to become a delegate so we don't have a repeat of what happened in Wyoming.

Need quick info about canvasing or the caucus? Check out this page for Clark County residents:

Call the Clark County Ron Paul Headquarters at (702) 430-1407 for more info or to help the campaign in any way. Even a small amount of help is huge and much needed right now.

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