Friday, January 18, 2008

McCain's Reckless "100 years in Iraq" Comment Endangers Americans

In response to John McCain's comment at a recent town hall event that he would be fine with keeping American troops in Iraq for 100 - or even 1 million years - Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul issued the following statement:

"John McCain's statement in favor of keeping troops in Iraq for 100 years
or longer puts him out of sync with the majority of Americans, who want our
troops to come home. Further, his comments recklessly put America at risk as
such a statement will likely serve as a recruiting tool for Bin Laden and Al
Qaeda, who appeal to radicals and incite violence against Americans by claiming
that the US desires to occupy the Middle East indefinitely.

It is time to act in the true national security interest of the United
States and begin withdrawal from Iraq and the rest of the Middle East
immediately. Americans will be far safer under a pro-America foreign policy that
seeks to end the dangerous idea that the US should be the policeman of the

Further, the financial costs of keeping troops in Iraq for a century would
be massive - in addition to the steep price in American lives. If John
McCain really wants such a long term presence, he needs to level with the
American people and tell them that his policy means we will not be able to
fulfill our obligations here at home."

According to quarterly FEC reports, Dr. Ron Paul is supported by more active duty and retired military retirees than any other candidate to be the next commander in chief. An investigation by the Houston Chronicle revealed that Congressman Paul received "more donations from current military and retired military than any other candidate."

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