Monday, January 7, 2008

Send Your Endorsement!

Message from Shana Kluck, National Coordinator of Homeschoolers for Ron Paul:

Let's show the world how many homeschoolers support Dr. Paul!

The campaign is going to add a "Homeschoolers Endorse Ron Paul" page to
their site. It would be great if every single one of you would send me a
short endorsement statement about why you, as a homeschooler, choose to support
Ron Paul. Include a short bio- names, state, how long you've homeschooled,
etc. If you know other homeschooling supporters that are not on this list,
please forward this info to them.

Please send your endorsement to [my email] with "Endorse" in the subject
line. I'm collecting them all and sending them to Jonathan Bydlak in a
single email. He's overwhelmed with the number of emails coming in from
other sources and we felt that this would make it easier for him.

Thank you!

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