Saturday, January 26, 2008

Liberty Tax - Spread the Word

Well, here we are, about 12 days until Super Tuesday...

We just performed a medium moneybomb on the 21st of January and
produced 1.8 million dollars for the campaign.

Mitt Romney is buying the Presidency with his own money.
McCain just raised $7 Million over the last month.
Giuliani is broke.
Huckabee is broke.

McCain is surging in the polls and appears to be doing better in
the primaries.

We need to do something. If we sit and wait, we lose. If we
generate momentum we win.

We need to demoralize the other campaigns. We need to drive fear
into the hearts of the establishment and show that Ron Paul and his
supporters are fully committed are are ready to go the distance.

So here is the plan and we all need to participate:

On February 3rd (2 days before Super Tuesday) we will fund Ron
Pauls General Election. We will show our forward thinking and our
massive support for the freedom message. We need to attract the
previous Thompson voters, the previous Gravel voters, and now the
Kusinich voters to take a stand and not waiver.

The MoneyBomb(s) have been the most effective tool we have toward
showing support and driving a wedge into the minds of
the other campaigns. We are fighting a battle of ideologies, true
but on the ground, we are fighting a battle of wills.

Everyone wants to be on a winning team. This is why we must show
the other campaigns, and the undecided voters who is determined,
who has the loudest voice, who has the greatest backing, and who is
more determined to win.

On February 3rd. We need 20,000 (as many as possible) people to
donate $500 each. This mass donation event has been in stealth mode
so as not to attract the media who can then warp it to their
message. The intent is to "out of nowhere" produce a ridiculous
amount of support for Ron Paul. The "out of nowhere" is vital. is the website for the event.

This will take a small amount of work on your (our) part. If we
commit to at least 30 minutes of time each within the next two
days we can make this massive event happen.

Here is what is needed from each of us.

1. Set aside 30 minutes during the next two days to be in front of
your computer.

2. Start the clock on the half hour and proceed to visit as many
blogs, meetup group websites, message boards, comment sections as
possible. Visit politics oriented websites, conservative oriented
websites, Fred Thompson websites, Kucinich websites, Diggs,
MySpaces, Facebooks, etc.

3. Then send an email to a minimum of 10 other people. These people
should be friends of Ron Paul or emails gotten from freedom
movement websites. Could even be webmasters, or
addresses. Tell the folks you send an email to who you are and that
we are doing up a sneak moneybomb for Ron Paul. If they want to do
away with the IRS, now is the time to prove it. Paste the content
of this email to your own. - Bottom line is get the word out.

4. If you own a website, there are banners available on the site to use.

That is all that is required to pull in $10,000,000.00. (30 minutes

I have sent this email to 800 of you, so collectively 800 folks
spending 30 minutes to get the word out this weekend creates 24,000
hours spent advertising the event

Maybe you do not want to partake in the event, maybe you don't have
$500 dollars, this is completely understandable. Please help
donating 30 minutes toward spreading the word.

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